~ Hindsight ~

Buffalo Image

A September day finds this Buffalo bull balanced on three legs as he scratches an itch. The artist intended to depict a peaceful scene as well as give well deserved recognition to the Bison that were very nearly extirpated in the late 1800's. The near extinction of this integral part of the North American ecosystem is appropriately named 'Hindsight'. The play on words is apparent as the bull looks to his rear as he scratches (hindsight), and in 'hindsight', our nation should never have allowed the massacre of this magnificient animal.

Highdsight is a Limited Edition print comprised of 950 Signed and Numbered and 50 Artist Proof prints. The work is 9 1/4 x 15 inches with a two inch white border printed on 100 weight paper. When framed, the print measures approximately 20"x 25". This piece is sure to add distinction to your home or office and is guaranteed to be the topic of conversation for your visitors.

Signed and Numbered art print (issue of 950 ) = $50.00
Artist Proof Signed and Numbered art print (issue of 50) = $60.00

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